Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It has been said that the most beautiful word in the English language is "Mother".  Anyone who has lost their own Mother knows that her passing leaves a void that no one else can fill.  Hospice workers say that the most frequent person called for as we depart this life is "Mother".  We may love, admire and respect our fathers, but there is only one "Mother".  That was certainly the case with the family of Miriam Mandel.  Instead of just putting her photo on her heart-shaped tombstone, they also put a poem they wrote about her - in English and Hebrew.  Here's the English version:

"Pal, loyal and respected
Mother, whose love was reflected,
Benevolent soul, and heart so pure,
Of each disturbed, or seeking cure,
Our sorrow is fearful,
Our eyes are tearful,
Our hearts broken with grief
Since you were brought to the grave,
From our memory you won't depart
Till from life we part.
Rest in peace
In divine bliss
Mother dear, and wife beloved."

Miriam Mandel's grave is at Gate 37 - Progressive Order of the West at Jewish Waldheim Cemetery in Forest Park.  May her soul, and the souls of all our Mothers, rest in peace.

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