Wednesday, March 14, 2012

OUR SON - WHO WENT AWAY - Jeffrey M. Kaiserman

As you can probably tell from reading this blog, I am very sentimental.  I mentioned before how I photograph the gravestones of all members of the military who died in action.  I also photograph most of the gravestones of children that I find.  Although their stories must be sad, I feel drawn somehow to those little ones who were taken from us too soon.  Such is the case when I was recently on a photographing mission in Westlawn Cemetery in Norridge.  I chanced upon the following tombstone:

I knew there was a sad story here and unfortunately I was correct.  Here is the writeup from the Chicago Tribune:


Jeffrey Kaiserman, 9, of 3645 Davis St., Skokie, was fatally injured yesterday when he was struck by an auto after alighting from a private school bus in front of his home, police said.  He died shortly after the accident in Skokie Valley Hospital.

Policeman John Ersfled said the boy alighted from the bus which was facing west in Davis Street, and walked around the rear of the vehicle and into the path of an eastbound auto driven by Edward Bright, 18, of 2411 Cowper Ave., Evanston.

The bus driver, Kenneth Atwater, 21, of Chapel Hill, N.C., a Northwestern University student, was charged with failure to activate the bus signals.
Chicago Tribune - October 31, 1973

Does one ever "get over" the loss of a child?  I don't think so.  May Jeffrey Kaiserman rest in peace.

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  1. Jim, I met the driver Edward "Eddie" Bright nearly four years after this tragic accident in 1977. Although not cited for guilt as the driver which struck Jeffry, it was obvious it continued to haunt Eddie. I always wondered what were the details of the accident. Thank you for posting this. I agree...I don't think we ever get over losing a loved one, especially a precious child.