Friday, November 28, 2014

100,000 PAGE VIEWS

To my faithful readers:  Thanks to all of you, this week Under Every Stone achieved 100,000 page views.  As I say each time a milestone is achieved, if this were a porn site I could rack up 100,000 page views in a long weekend, but for a history blog I am gratified with at the response.

I am also grateful to the forty-one people who have signed up to be "followers" of this blog.  Followers get all the blog posts first, but since everyone I write about is dead there is no danger of non-followers missing out on breaking news.

Thank you also to the people who have taken the time to contact me.  With one notable exception the comments have been very positive and I really enjoy hearing from all of you, but especially from relatives of the people I write about.

Thank you to my relatives who have read the stories I have written about the family and said they learned things about our relatives they never knew.

Please stay tuned - I have some really great stories in the queue to keep you amused and amazed in the coming weeks.  I will pick up the story of noted sculptor Leonard Wells Volk next Friday.  In the meantime I hope everyone enjoys the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Weather permitting, visit a cemetery this weekend - you may be surprised at what you can "dig up", because as you know, there is a story under every tombstone.

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